Put Your Head On My Pillow

This is a unique bamboo pillow that is fitted with elements that provide softness and luxury. With unique features and optimum comfort; there is no doubt that this pillow is the one that promises and delivers in every way.

Let’s find out why below.


1. The Fill

This bamboo pillow never goes flat because it is made with shredded combination memory foam. This also means that the product can be washed in the washing machine. No one wants a fluffy pillow that develops a dent after use.

2. Construction

Designed using the latest technology to promote air circulation, temperature regulation, and cooling comfort, Its fabric is made of 100% bamboo fibers  which can easily be unzipped and washed.

Block memory foam can get hard and hold in heat! The Swift Good Bamboo Pillow is filled with shredded memory foam! It is both soft and supportive at the same time.


3. Suits All Sleeping Types

Great for back, side or even stomach sleepers. It conforms to your shape for excellent support.

Use on the side for extra soft and fluffy support, use flat to cradle your head and neck, or use as a bolster when reading or watching TV.