The Swift Good Comforter

Soft and billowy, comforter-feel that is a lighter weight than down-feather comforters.Thanks to an elegant baffle-stitching design, our comforter filling stays perfectly in place and won’t shift like down-feather or cotton.

What makes them so great? Get the low-down below.

1. Outer Shell 

Our casing is a 400 thread-count sateen shell for a silky-soft feel. Every product is hand-crafted and vigorously inspected to ensure the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. 100% Bamboo fibers.

2. Inner Filling

Made from 100% Premium Bamboo microfiber clusters are hypoallergenic and are shredded and shaved to mimic the texture of down, without the clumping of cheaper alternatives.

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3. Fill Power

Fill power, or ‘loft’, is the measure of the ‘fluffiness’ of the down filling. The higher the fill-power, the more air the down can trap, and the more insulating (and higher quality) comforters are.

The typical scale starts at 400, we fill at 600 and 700–choosing fill powers that give the perfect balance of warmth, loft, and quality.