11 Reason Why Sleeping Naked Is Better For You

Reasons Why Sleeping Naked

11 Reasons Why Sleeping Naked Is Better For You

Unclothed, in the buff, your birthday suit, au natural, it is reported that one in three adults sleep naked and in a society geared toward telling people to cover up, this is a pretty big deal. Not only that, but there are a number of health and personal benefits to sleeping in your birthday suit. Here are 11 of the best reasons to spend a night in your own skin.

  1. Better Sleep
    In a world where insomnia is becoming the norm, getting the best sleep possible should be something to strive for. The best way to do that is by sleeping naked which gives the body a chance to air out and regulate temperature. No more tossing and turning trying to stay cool.
  2. It’s Easier
    When you don’t have to worry about which clothes to sleep in, everything seems to get a bit easier: you don’t have to buy PJs and you’ll have fewer clothes to wash and put away at the end of the week.
  3. It’s good for Your Skin
    Let your body breathe! After spending all day covered in layers of clothing there is nothing better for your skin than letting it air out. This can also lower the risk of some skin diseases and has the added benefit of making your skin glowy and beautiful thanks to the release of growth hormone!
  4. Boost Your Love Life
    Sleeping au natural isn’t just good for your love life, but it’s also good for your sex organs. Skin-to-skin contact helps to release oxytocin which makes everyone feel good and sleeping at lower temperatures helps keep sperm healthy in men and prevent yeast infections in women.
  5. More Comfortable
    You no longer have to worry about your shirts twisting or your pants riding up uncomfortable because you won’t be wearing any! These things may seem inconsequential, but they can distract the body from getting a proper nights sleep.
  6. Helps Balance Cortisol Levels
    Cortisol is the hormone that comes from stressing the body and mind. When cortisol levels are high they can cause inflammation and premature aging. The best way to lower cortisol levels is it sleep in the buff where your body has the best chance of maintaining a lower temperature.
  7. You’ll Eat Better
    In addition to waking up less stressed, lowering the cortisol levels in your body can help keep you from splurging in the junk food department. Sleeping naked = less chance for stress eating.
  8. Better Temperature Regulation
    Studies show that being too warm at night causes a poor nights rest and by sleeping in the nude your body is better able to stay cool. Cooler body temp = better beauty sleep and lower cortisol levels.
  9. Burns More Calories
    Your metabolism will get a major boost by sleeping naked thanks to human growth hormone. HGH is essential for weight loss. Sleeping naked also causes lower body temperature, which means your body has to work a bit harder to maintain temperature, which means that your body burns more fat when you sleep naked.
  10. Saves Money
    With no more need to buy pajamas, you can save the money and put it toward other things like a fancy dinner or new shoes.
  11. Helps You Get In Touch With You
    Nothing boosts confidence than spending time in your own skin.

So there you have it, 11 great reasons to sleep naked. 😉

This blog is written by Jorden Guidera.

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